Play it Safe 


$15 within city limits.
Ada County

Boise - Meridian - Eagle - $20 

Kuna $25 - Star $30
Canyon County

Nampa $35
Caldwell and Middleton $45

Under the influence


 ​​For Additional Drops
Under 1 mile $5 - Under 2 miles $10
Over 2 miles the charge will be at our regular price.
If the driver is kept waiting for more than 10 minutes after arriving an additional charge of $5 will be added for every 5 minutes the driver has to wait.

Car N Driver Boise 

Car N Driver™ 208-353-7345

Play it Safe! With a

​Car N Driver™.

Home Safe!

Car N Driver™ delivers Your car home for you.

$15 within city limits 8 pm to 3:30 am

Monday thru Sunday

7 days a week

Wii Get Your Car Home


Car Pick Up Services

If you've driven somewhere and need to be picked up, just call Car N Driver™  to get both you and your car home safely. Once you request a pickup, we'll dispatch two drivers to your location, one to drive you home in your vehicle and the other to pick up your driver when finished. It's a convenient and affordable way to avoid leaving your car behind and having to pick it up the next day.

If you’ve driven somewhere and you’re going to leave your car behind, and you need your car the next day, use our Car Retrieval program. It’s really simple, just text or call us with your information and we’ll be sure to have your car in your driveway for when you wake up. It’s a great way to still get your car home without the worry of getting a parking ticket, getting towed or getting vandalized all because you choose to Be Safe.

(Car N Driver)

Cab and Driver

​Designated Drivers  

When you are ready to go home schedule a Sober Driver for your car.

Car N Driver™

Cab and driver - Car N Driver